Onboarding steps that leave a positive impression with new employees

Onboarding steps that leave a positive impression with new employees

A few good steps need to be followed by employers that want to develop an innovative workforce. Employees need to be well aware of the norms of an organization in order to achieve their full potential.

Posted:Jun 04,2016

It takes some time for you to find quality resources for your open IT positions. Finding candidates that possess traits that match your work culture, great experience and skill sets demand a long drawn interview process besides an extensive research. Your latest employees may feel enthusiastic about joining your team, but in order to leave a great initial impression, you must develop a nice on-board plan.

 On-boarding is all about including new employees in your workforce and informing them about your work culture, training process and introducing them to colleagues.

Consider following some of the best on-boarding steps as described below:

1. Try on-boarding programs

Successful on-boarding programs come with a specific schedule and checklists under a well-defined process. Most of these programs prove more effective when they are automated. In order to be successful, new employees need certain things. You must get these things arranged in advanced. 

2. Don’t waste your time

When it comes to leaving a great impression, you can’t take chances. On-boarding starts even before the new employees join office. It begins as you get the logistics confirmed e.g. dress code, time to arrive, first point of contact, plan for lunch and parking space. New employees are bound to feel more confident about their new job and the work environment.You mustn’t waste time in setting office supplies and workstations in advance.

3. Get the papers and training materials ready

Get your paperwork and training materials prepared for the new employees. Direct reporting and establishing connections with the management and colleagues are truly important for them. A new team needs to be introduced to your core workforce in person. You may think of arranging a team lunch wherein each of them gets an opportunity to know each other professionally and personally. You must take the initiative in explaining new hires the perfect way to work towards a common goal.

4. Create a buddy system

You must find a few good mentors for your new hires. Your onboarding program turns more effective under a proper mentorship program. The success of an employee largely depends on the commitment of the management. Apart from providing important information on the work culture of an organization, mentors help employees in creating a network and developing food for thought.

5. Set the training schedule and plan

Develop training schedules that throw light on the key tasks of a new employee. In order to help the new hires prepare for training, you must provide them with learning materials and inform them about the interview schedules. All of your trainers need to set their schedules and avoid sparing time at other things. 

You must ensure that your new hires have a better understanding of their job roles and act upon their new duties accordingly. Allow members of the management to sit with the new hires and determine the targets and deadlines. Set small tasks for each employee so that he is able to contribute towards the team goal in bits and pieces.

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