New hardware products division formed by Google

New hardware products division formed by Google

Posted:Apr 29,2016

A new hardware products division has been launched by Google of late. This newly formed division will be headed by Rick Osterloh, who used to be the president of Motorola.

According to the latest industry reports, a new reorganization forms the backdrop of his quitting the handset maker owned by Lenovo a month ago.

Alongside improving the development focus of Google, this move is aimed at broadening the prospect of a new range of hardware products that are being launched by Google in the recent times. Apart from the eyewear glass bearing internet connectivity, the Nexus devices developed by Google will also be checked by their current hardware chief.

The return of Osterloh has been confirmed by Google and it was first published by Re/Code in one of its latest technology report. Besides managing the division of their flagship Android phone, Osterloh will be responsible for heading Chromecast their TV streaming device. He will also be heading the division managing OnHub, the wireless home router besides managing their hardware lab ATAP, which is being run on an experimental basis. When it comes to modular smart-phones, this hardware lab is offering a platform providing open hardware.  

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