Facts on development and deployment of chatbots

Facts on development and deployment of chatbots

Creation and deployment of chatbots have turned easier with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Developers are now working on chatbots with increased pace and flexibility.

Posted:May 03,2016

The Chatbot got introduced in 2016. Chatbots are topping most industry news following a smooth transition from obscure tech to buzzword. The position of chatbots has firmly been secured by Facebook. Facebook has announced this in April at the F8 developer conference. The Facebook Messenger service is used by chatbots for providing automated customer support.

Are chatbots more efficient than the ordinary bots?

Chatbots were preceded by ordinary bots; these were software developed to get certain tasks automated. The same premise is used to develop chatbots. Either a simulated conversation or a chat function is among single functions that help deliver this task. Conversational cadences help chatbots gain momentum by utilizing machine learning. It can mimic human ways of conversation more efficiently and respond to different prompts (both in writing and while speaking) for delivering services.

A user interface like the chatbot can now be connected to various data sources with the help of APIs. It proves really helpful for delivering services or data on demand. 

Limited utility bots will be developed by companies that don’t possess resources like this. The technologies that are used for developing chatbots are quite known to developers. These days, chatbots can be developed with increased pace as the developers gain more accessibility with the advent of AI (artificial intelligence).

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