Developers are working on VR based on multiple platforms

Developers are working on VR based on multiple platforms

VR technology seems appealing to a much wider audience than before. The developers are indeed moving in a positive direction and with great pace.

Posted:May 06,2016

The latest research on market intelligence conducted by experts focuses on willingness of customers towards using technologies like VR. Customer intentions in more than 15 countries have been studied by these experts very carefully. About 11% of the online users up to the age of 65 years have expressed their eagerness to use VR products, while the inclination of the remaining online population remains low. 

In order to generate more interest among users and dispatch additional units of VR headsets, the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and a few other devices have been closely associated with the VR driver upgrade. The absence of content worth high quality, the shipment delays and the headset hardware costs had resulted in loss of interest for consumers initially, but things are changing with time. 

Devices that run well across multiple platforms are generally used by a majority of consumers. This includes the PC, cell phone and console that give a clear indication of all development efforts going in the right direction. Both the Xbox One and PC obtain maximum support from Oculus Rift among all of the high-end devices. 

VR technology now has more takers than just gamers. The non-gamers constitute some 7% of those who have been surveyed. VR has certain other uses that are quite popular among gamers. Much of the users’ money and time are drawn towards the real-life spectator as well as the in-game formats.

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