Gboard is of great help to iOS users

Gboard is of great help to iOS users

Gboard is al set to improve search outcomes for the iOS users. All you now need is to press the G button.

Posted:May 16,2016

Gboard is the latest app launched by Google, which is meant to utilize a soft keyboard for improving user searches through handsets running  iOS.  Glide typing is supported by Gboard, which enables users to conduct searches with a keyboard while using the app. Once they spot the information, they’re able to paste it with the help of their keyboard.

Information achieved through searches can be depicted on screen in the form of cards. An iMessage can be generated as the information shown on the card gets copied into the app. The G button shown in the keyboard can be pressed by an user to perform searches. In this way, more results can be achieved by an user in comparison to the Google search results. Users may continue to look for gifs and emojis simultaneusly. Initially, Gboard can be used by those that communicate in English. Users communicating in various other languages will be able to use Gboard very soon.

Gboard has been specifically developed for iOS users unlike those cool android apps that have been launched by Google earlier. It might provide necessary insights to Google on iPhone users, which it will otherwise find tough to gain. The new keyboard is likely to improve Google’s chances although it has less access to it on iOS. Chances are also there that Google is attempting to show more relevance to iPhone users.

The integrated search functions developed by Google act as the real driving force even when some mechanical features are present in Gboard.


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