Chatbox technology to be deployed by Google

Chatbox technology to be deployed by Google

Google makes good use of two technologies that are commonly used by developers for making bots. The bot business is likely to fetch lucratuve outcomes for Google.

Posted:May 18,2016

Chatbots are often used by customer channels for communicating with over a billion users of Facebook. These bots are created with the help of a technology that’s provided by the Microsoft Bot framework. Operating these chat bots is possible over communication channels like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Email. Google is all set to take a plunge in this bot business as per a report drawn by The Information.

Bots can now be created by developers that utilize tools deployed by Google while leveraging their expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language communication. Google is supposed to make an announcement regarding this during 2016. Reports concerning Google’s utilization of Google Now for performing Chatbot integration had been published during December 2015. In an attempt to replace apps, bots are being used by some leading technology companies. The cost of deploying or developing applications seem much cheaper than that of the chatbox. Developers don’t need to download anything for deploying bots; you can host them on the server side.

We human beings find it easier to communicate in natural language by using certain apps. These apps are build over a platform called TensorFlow, which is ideal for open source machine learning. Performance of these applications can even be improved with time. Among all natural language parsers, the one with Google seems to be one of the most accurate and advanced in the world.

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