Security and multitasking to be improved with Android N

Security and multitasking to be improved with Android N

Android N has been introduced with the latest range of Nexus phones. Users will now experience more smoothness with the latest version of android.

Posted:May 20,2016

Google hasn’t been able to name Android N as yet, but that’s not affecting the release of their latest operating system in any way. Android N is likely to improve a few good features that are popular with users like their ability to pick the emoji skin color, engine for processing graphics more smoothly and the the split-screen mode for smart devices. Some 250 features are to be added with the latest operating system.

Once you tap on the recent-apps button, it will trigger the split-screen mode. This will allow you to check the last app used by you after the one you’re using recently. All of the remaining multitasking improvements will revolve around the latest apps button; this includes the automated elimination of apps that remain unused for a while from the queue. You can start afresh by tapping on the “clear all” option. Right now, you’re into swiping every app one after the other. If you wish to switch between the last used one and the one you’re currently using, you’ll need to tapp the recent-aps button twice. 

Replacing the bright yellow people that you can see now, skin color will be introduced to emojis with Android N. Security measures will be improved by this Android version so as to provide users with the option of encrypting every file stored on their phones. All of the changes are likely to turn the android platform faster and work more efficiently amid a variety of hardware, display and processors.  Android developers will need to acquire knowledge on the various OS models that includes several online devices like that of the streaming TV boxes besides a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

In order to assist the game developers, android N has even included an application program interface facilitating 3-D graphics called Vulkan. Users will now experience gaming with increased fidelity and smoothness.

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