Writing an effective job description is important for all employers

Writing an effective job description is important for all employers

In an era of technical advancement, jobseekers are used to checking numerous open positions at once. An effective job description can help create interest among jobseekers and save their invaluable time.

Posted:May 25,2016

Analyzing the requirements of an IT position is of great importance for an IT recruiter prior to posting the actual job descriptions. An employer must discuss the requirements of the job role with the existing team members. You’ll need to clarify all your doubts concerning the key aspects of that particular job role and set the priorities in advance. You might come across a few extras that help you identify the “nice to haves” before reaching the discussion table.  

Quality IT job descriptions show the following components:

1. Job Title: The title must be easily understood and meet industry standards. The jobseekers may simply be trying a few relevant keywords for finding your job; that’s why you can’t allow things to look obscure. They are bound to look for open IT positions over the internet. 

2. Job Location: You must show your actual city name within the job description field instead of placing the name of a larger city within your searchable field. You may include the name of the larger city in parenthesis.

3. Job Summary: Keep your job summary short and simple. This is your opportunity to set the tone for employment branding. Candidates mostly get drawn towards a good advertisement and effective job summary.

4. Qualifications: You’ll need to realistic while posting these nice to haves. Your definition of the right candidate will include the skill sets that you’re actually looking for. It will help you distinguish between candidates possessing similar IT skills.

5. Requirements: These are the necessary IT experiences and skills that you check out in your IT candidates. You must state your priority and order of importance by mentioning these skills with bullets. These necessities may include their experience (in years), educational certificate or degree, certain capabilities besides leadership skills and other behavioral traits. Make sure you mention the necessity of travelling if the position demands it.

6. Company Overview: IT professionals must be truly inclined towards working with you. They must be provided with certain specifics and details pertaining to your business. Mention it in your company overview. It includes the work culture, the nature of industry, incentives, future prospects and environment.

7. Company Voice or Personality: Is there a specific way in which you wish to state the nature or brand of your company? Are these attributes incorporated in the manner in which your job description is mentioned? In order to mention the personality or voice of your brand, you must engage your marketing department. If you truly wish to sell jobseekers on your website, this is certainly a good opportunity.You’re bound to find more of quality applicants when you spend some time for creating a winning job description. Alongside candidates that are merely finding another job, you’ll even find candidates that really wish to shape their career with your guidance.

Check out all job descriptions in details. Engage your marketing team members in checking these details. Inquire if it seems compatible with the nature of your business. Make sure all the necessary components are included and that you haven’t missed out on anything. When it comes to writing your job descriptions, you must raise the bar and meet challenges. You’re bound to feel happier once you begin hiring top quality IT jobseekers in your company.

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