Debugging code gets easier for new developers

Debugging code gets easier for new developers

Debugging code often poses a big challenge for developers.

Posted:May 26,2016

Software developers have experienced a number of challenges associated with debugging, but things seem to have changed with time. Scientists have come up with another technique that makes things a lot simpler than before.

The new method is likely to link today’s upgraded software with a very different symbolic execution, which enables an efficient code debugging. This method was created by the University of Maryland and a lab belonging to MIT.

One of the most advanced techniques of analyzing software tools, the Symbolic execution is commonly used for identifying and repairing bugs automatically. Such spotting and removal of bugs are performed by following the path traversed by the executable program. However, applications that are developed with the help of advanced programming frameworks aren’t meant to work well with this technique.  It poses a big challenge for developers. Modern day apps are known for importing functions from such frameworks that demand a repetitive use of codes and inclusion of huge libraries.

A developer may not be able to create a solution simply by analyzing the application, but he might end up spending more time by evaluating the instructions like stating the position of a button or attaching a button to a window. 

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