Twitter offers few tweet changes to improve things

Twitter offers few tweet changes to improve things

Posted:May 27,2016

Twitter has come up with a few tweeting changes that is bound to improve presenting a message worth 140 characters. A Senior product manager with Twitter has even outlined all changes that are scheduled to be rolled out in a few months.

  • The character count will no more show tagged @ names while replaying to any tweet.
  • The character limit will remain supportive towards videos, GIFs, polls, photos and quote tweets.
  • Followers of a particular user will acquire tweets that start with a username. The username needs to be preceded by a period lest the tweet gets visible only to followers of the tweeter and other usernames mentioned in the tweet.
  • Quoting a tweet and re-tweeting will certainly be much easier for the users.

There are a few good people that will check out re-tweeting on a single topic of discussion.

A large section of twitter users are concerned about spamming due to which their timelines may be clogged. It’s certainly another platform that encourages individual views. One good thing about these changes is that they depict considerable flexibility that wasn’t present in the past. 

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