Popularity of the Facebook mobile app has increased over time

Popularity of the Facebook mobile app has increased over time

The Facebook mobile app holds a lot of promise for the future. is gaining more of monthly actives with each passing year. This app

Posted:May 30,2016

The mobile app of Facebook has gained more popular during the past few years. Mobile devices of a little over 1 billion users see the use of this app on a regular basis. In comparison to the main social network of Facebook, there’s much more that comes with its mobile app.

Facebook has a wide array of apps that are quite sharp and boast users worth millions in a natural way. Mobile devices have been quite effective in accessing some 2.3 billion users through social platforms like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. When it comes to monthly actives, some 900 million actives and 1 billion actives have been added by way of Messenger and WhatsApp. Again, some 400 million actives are added by Instagram every month. Attempts are on to include a fifth row of users, although a majority of attempts have failed in this regard. In the absence of sufficient traction, Rooms and Slingshot where discontinued by Facebook during the previous year.

The Facebook mobile app holds more promise for the future. Ever since its debut, Moments retains its popularity as a quality photo-centric app.

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