How to measure the success of your job search

How to measure the success of your job search

Posted:Jun 06,2016

There are a few things that aren’t working well in your job search. Now is your time to determine what’s working in your job search and what’s not regardless of whether you’re searching for a period of one month or for over nine months. Your job search method won’t prove to be effective once your phone starts ringing. 

Once you get a job offer, you’ll get a fair measure of your job search success. By tracking your outcomes and by taking the right actions, you’ll be able to reach your goal. If you aren’t aware of opportunities that may turn in your favor, you’ll find it difficult to adjust job searches accordingly. Applying for hundreds of jobs online, won’t help you in landing up with the right job.

Job search metrics can be tracked by asking one or more of the following questions:

Where do you find job leads? 

When it comes to spotting job leads, job boards look like an ideal spot. A job starts circulating within a company soon after it gets posted on a job board. Soon after visiting job boards, you may create a list of potential employers. If you wish to find all identical jobs, you may begin utilizing your employer list and check out all career pages from time to time.

Did you apply for multiple jobs? 

It’s a much older practice to send a generic cover letter and resume for open IT positions. Your job search strategy demands proper planning and conveying a vivid message that’s customized for each organization or job that you may be interested in. In order to personalize each application, you’ll need to create a system by maintaining a balance in terms of quality and quantity. 

How many jobs did suit your expectations? 

Employers are choosing the choicest candidates meaning jobseekers that meet the key necessities of a job. If you meet a little over 60% of the necessary skill sets, you may consider applying for the job.

Did you come across any new faces last week? 

It will certainly be good for you to acquire more information about people who are important. It’s in your interest to build your network by seeing new faces every week. Direct your efforts and attention towards seeing people that are a part of organizations targeted by you. In order to facilitate your introduction, you may utilize a common connection for achieving success.

Make sure you follow up with a thank you message once you come across someone. Attending professional meet-ups, conferences and association events are certainly a more effective way of meeting new people. Don’t forget to remain in touch with all members that fall within your network.

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