Developers have begun understanding the importance of Julia language

Developers have begun understanding the importance of Julia language

Some programming languages have always been in use, while some are losing their shine with time. A couple of them are indeed making their mark of late.

Posted:Jun 07,2016

A swift rise in demand for techies has given various financial service professionals an edge over candidates that aren’t so tech savvy. Most of these professionals are very much aware of the coding ways. For instance, a number of financial fund services have opted for hiring candidates that possess considerable investment knowledge besides exhibiting advanced computer skills. No firm would ever deny the importance of hiring people with sound tech knowledge, who would lead them from the front and help keep their competitors at bay. 
It’s natural for an IT professional to have acquired skills like Hadoop, SQL, HTML5, Java, Python and C++. Many of you haven’t through of gaining more knowledge on Julia. Although the Julia language isn’t among languages that are always in-demand, it’s started expanding its user base to over 200,000. This language has projected a growth rate worth 100% after every nine months.

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