First phase of the multi-process Firefox project is about to be completed

Posted: Jun 09,2016

A multi-process Firefox is all set to be released by Mozilla. This is the biggest change that the OS has undergone in the recent times.

With the introduction of Firefox48, Firefox users are likely to receive e10s through the initial phase of distribution.

This is supposed to be the largest shipment from Firefox. 

A long-standing project from Mozilla, the e10s or Electrolysis is about to include various process with Firefox. Stability and performance of the browser is bound to get boosted by the fundamental change in design.

The Firefox multi-process claimed more attention since the beginning of Electrolysis in 2009.

Multi processor systems are bound to provide an edge to different processes in terms of performance. As an outcome, crashing of the browser is prevented and stability gets improved in the event of a fall of any app or website.

When it comes to hacking, a protective layer is developed by this design in combination with sandboxing.

It will prevent hackers to from accessing the underlying files and system and play with your browser after they manage to modify any app or content of a page.

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