Coders are getting better offers from non-tech companies

Coders are getting better offers from non-tech companies

Posted:Jun 10,2016

A few good companies that are resorting to IT were primarily dependent on non-technical business operations for years. Jobs that demand coding skills are now paying $22,000 over pay packages offered by others. During the following decade, demand for IT resources is likely to rise by about 12% in comparison to the entire job market.  

During the last year, coding skills were demanded by some 7 million open positions in the US. Coding positions comprised of about 20% of the career-track job market that offered a minimum hourly pay worth $15.

Positions beyond the tech industry that hardly required coding in the past are now finding it necessary to develop a technical workforce. Such positions have become a key to the success of non-tech industries like art, healthcare, manufacturing and finance. Compared to the remaining labor market, an increase in demand for coding skills worth 25% or more is likely to be observed by tech jobs during the coming years.

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