Cloud computing leaves a strong impact on the future of IT jobs

Cloud computing leaves a strong impact on the future of IT jobs

Cloud computing is now being adopted by IT companies at a much faster pace than before. These companies are looking for job seekers with specific skills.

Posted:Jun 13,2016

Cloud computing is here for quite some time, but the jobseekers are still determining the efficacy of this technology.  

Jobseekers share varying points of view as they perform researches on cloud computing:

Additional Jobs 

The Cloud Computing Market is bound to experience a growth worth $200 billion by 2020. Creation of various open positions has been forecast by various research firms.

Fresh IT skill sets 

Techies will need more expertise and training for handling tools based on cloud technology. Tools of this sort are likely to shape the future of IT careers. Regardless of whether you’re addressing issues concerning storage, processor or network, you must acquire adequate cross-functional knowledge for matching the current cloud trends. Practitioners are likely to equip themselves for this shift and expand their scope of interests accordingly.

Restructuring of IT departments 

Out of over 5000 companies quizzed, about 75% admitted that their staffs don’t have the desired expertise and experience to fulfill their cloud projects. IT managers are supposed to customize things as per their requirement as cloud computing gets more adopted by organizations.

Emergence of Well-defined Cloud Computing Strategies 
                                                                                                                                                                             Cloud computing has been adopted by IT companies since 2011 and the pace of adoption has increased of late. The learning curve for cloud computing has been shifted considerably although not that steeply. New skills are being acquired and practiced by IT managers continuously. 

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