How to deal with odd questions at an IT job interview

How to deal with odd questions at an IT job interview

Dealing with all unexpected questions may pose a serious challenge for IT jobseekers. A few important factors need to be studied prior to attending job interviews.

Posted:Jun 15,2016

In an attempt to check the true worth of a candidate, an interviewer might offer straight forward questions. Oddball brainteasers are now being tossed by the hiring team of Microsoft and Google. There are a number of tech firms that shell out brainteasers in the US, although it’s still not a common practice as yet.  

Few tips to cope with the unexpected at IT job interviews:

1. Stay Positive

There are times whenever the employers check out your ability to deal with the unexpected. All that they wish to know is whether you actually want to think out-of-the-box. You must reflect a positive attitude regardless of how you actually feel about answering an out-of-the-box question. Stay calm and composed even when you’re making a wild guess.

2. Repeat Your Query

You’ll certainly gain more time to find the right answer as you repeat your question loudly.

3. Resolve the Issue

Take it as an opportunity to show how versatile you are whenever you’re required to deal with the unexpected. The ideal way to deal with that oddball question is about proving it to be a simple and straight management concern. Develop your steps as you consider the central issue, the resources you have and the potential challenges.

By doing this, you’re actually demonstrating that you possess the right skills. Even when you fail to figure out the exact requirement, you’ll succeed in demonstrating your thought process. 

4. Reflect Your Skills

Brainteasers aren’t all oddball questions that you come across. Under such circumstances, the interviewer is actually trying to get a fair measure of your talent.

You must address the requirements of the employer while answering a brain-teaser, especially when you’re applying for a job that demands specific skill sets.

5. Don’t Worry

You may get tensed when you come across a weird question. Wondering about that perfect answer is quite natural whenever the interviewer offers a brain-twister. You’ll find a fitting reply to all odd-ball questions once you start working on them seriously.

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