IT graduates are in demand with the rise in salaries

IT graduates are in demand with the rise in salaries

Posted:Jun 17,2016

In comparison to the graduates of the previous year, college graduates worth scores have hit the job market. Computer science graduates have always been in high demand. Apart from providing basic knowledge to students, it seems to be the fastest spreading and highest paying professional field within the US.

With around 50,000 graduates per year, the field of computer science more than 5, 00,000 open positions across multiple sectors like agriculture, banking, healthcare and manufacturing. More of federal funding could be necessary for providing access to computer science across K-12 classrooms.

Besides recruiting talent at the entry level, the current situation depicts an extensive demand for IT professionals at various levels. Even under circumstances when a majority of IT professionals are prepared to accept fresh job offers, there’s about 2.5 percent of IT unemployment in the US. At a time when the employers are finding it tough to fill out their open positions, they’re witnessing a huge talent gap. 

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