Facebook app is available for Windows 10

Facebook app is available for Windows 10

Posted:Jun 20,2016

Developers have been encouraged by Microsoft to develop apps that run for smart-phones, tablets and PCs universally. This is a move to satisfy the software giant’s goal with Windows 10. Facebook is now the biggest ally of the software giant. Windows 10 apps are now being created for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

According to a recent update from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is known to be on Windows 10. At a time when the users have long been waiting for the Instagram app, it’s not surprising to launch the Facebook app for Windows 10 officially.

The Windows users got their Instagram app a couple of years back, but it’s not been updated since then. Uploading a video still remains a challenge for these users as they continue to use alternatives provided by the third-party as an outcome. Its truly encouraging to get an updated Instagram app, but a number of challenges are yet to be overcome by Microsoft before providing users a platform that encourages third party apps.

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