Watch OS 3 comes with a solution for Apple’s concerns

Watch OS 3 comes with a solution for Apple’s concerns

The Apple watch may not have been a big selling gadget due to a number of reasons. Apple has come up with a few solutions to make it as attractive as its iPhone series.

Posted:Jun 21,2016

The category of “wearables” once seemed very promising with Apple, but it raised some concerns for the users of various iPhone models. The watchOS3 has drawn more attention ever since its introduction at the WWDC. The significance of the Apple watch lies in the company’s attempt to turn it saleable by incorporating the iPhone’s genius. Although it didn’t turn up well, Apple has come up with justifiable answers to all user worries.

Initially the smart gadget resembled an additional appendage of the iPhone, something that seemed more complex and slower in terms of navigation. The earlier capabilities of the Apple watch have been upgraded significantly by the WatchOS3. Be it on terms of the user interface or the processor performance, the product has been improved considerably as compared to other smart devices.  

The concept of a smartwatch is new and it seems foreign to a majority of consumers. The concepts derived by Apple from its iOS are quite similar to that of WatchOS3.  A small screen, app dock and control center have all been included. Alongside lowering few of the watch owners’ concerns, it will help in restricting the learning curve.

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