Motivation helps in raising satisfaction and performance levels of IT employees

Motivation helps in raising satisfaction and performance levels of IT employees

An IT organization thrives on the merits and passion of its employees. It can help employees improve their performances by motivating them.

Posted:Jun 22,2016


The values and goals of an IT organization are driven by the effort and behavior of its team of employees. Likewise, the outcome of their business will also depend on both formal and informal recognition of their performances on a timely basis. Understanding the psychology of praising others for their efficiency requires an employer to be really accurate in their analysis. You can certainly help your team members initiate a proper development of work relationships when you’re truly effective in your job.

Develop working relationships by following the rules of employee recognition:

1. Increase in individual productivity – Productivity is raised by a repetitive desired behavior, which in turn raises the act of recognizing such behavior. Such a phenomenon is termed as a classic behavioral psychology. The ultimate performance indicator and mission of an organization are supported by the reinforced behavior. 

2. More enjoyment and employee satisfaction – Spending little time in complaining about products and more time towards the job at hand.

3. Providing teams and individual performers with a direct performance feedback.

4. Scoring high in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

5. Ensuring more bonding and teamwork between employees.

6. Reducing employee turnover and retaining more of quality employees.

7. Lower accident records and improved safety records at work.

8. Curbing negative effects arising out of stress and absenteeism.

There’s no rocket science behind employee recognition. Employee recognition is often not so effective in spite of providing numerous benefits in the long run. Coaching and reinforcing of managers is an absolute necessity. As a management technique, recognition of employees remains undervalued. 

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