IT job roles that have proven beneficial for employers

IT job roles that have proven beneficial for employers

A number of IT jobs have been created during the last one decade. Some of these jobs have predefined roles for professionals depicting multiple IT skills.

Posted:Jun 23,2016

Jobseekers depicting powerful communication skills and sound technical skills are always in demand, especially with clients that require them to interact with non-technical stakeholders successfully. It’s always tough for the IT employers to find jobseekers that have the right combination of communication and IT skills.

A number of employers are checking out technical skills alongside their passion and attitude towards work.

 IT professionals working in the following capacities are now in demand with IT employers:

• CRM developers: The market depicts a huge gap in supply of CRM developers.

• .Net developers: When it comes to delivering customized solutions for desktop and online solutions, net developers are in high demand. Integrated development environments search for net developers possessing SharePoint experience.

• Active directory experience: A number of IT job roles make the most of Active directory experience. Professionals showing such experience are highly regarded.

• Application project managers: Consultants with experience in software implementation often play an active role in deciding the course of IT business operations. IT businesses reflect a good demand for these skills.

• Cloud based technologies: Supply of candidates associated with various web services may vary with time. Companies reaching out to a number of cloud providers seek help from professionals bearing vendor management skills.

• Cloud specialists possessing experience in SaaS: For numerous IT employers candidates are on a high priority if they possess knowledge on cost efficiencies.

Skilled and qualified professionals are now being demanded by employers that need experience in projects involving P2V migration. Most of the global recruitment agencies are now demanding a combination of the right IT skills.


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