Factors that help evaluate your IT job

Factors that help evaluate your IT job

An IT job offer may seem to be lucrative at the beginning. Evaluating certain factors holds the key to the success of a jobseeker.

Posted:Jun 27,2016

It could well be a time when you just got your first IT job offer. Your search gets over with that big sigh of relief. In reality, it’s your time to decide on whether the job offer accepted by you is good for you. You might find it challenging to find that right job soon after your college gets over.

Remember you aren’t choosing something for a period of 4 to 5 years. It’s going to be the beginning of your career, which demands a strong foundation. A successful launch of your career will need a sound decision. An entry-level career attempt might end up in disappointment in case you take poor decisions. Is there any particular way for you to determine whether a job offer is good?

Consider a few good factors for analyzing your job offer:

1. Benefits: Considering the benefits and salary seem so obvious to all professionals. However, there are a few new graduates that find it tough to determine what they actually want and need from their first job. It’s that point in time wherein you’ll need to set your career goals and find out what’s good for you in terms of reimbursement.

2. Job Responsibilities: Does your latest IT job offer sound interesting? What are the challenges associated to your new job? Does it seem good for applying your latest IT skills? You must find a job wherein you can utilize IT skills that you acquired while attending your internship and other courses. At the same time, your job must also ensure a fulfilling learning experience.

3. Growth Opportunities: Does this job show you through quality growth prospects within a short term? Will you get a chance to explore opportunities that you’ve been looking for? Learning a new software program might provide you with an opportunity to undergo training. You might even gather knowledge on other associated fields like digital marketing. All of these opportunities will account for a prospective move up the ladder.

4. Company Location: Will it be possible for you to join a workforce within the hustle and bustle of a city? Or would you choose to work in a small area? How long do you take to commute to your work place? Will it be okay for you to commute for long hours? 

These are some of the key factors that you’ll need to consider while determining if the offer is beneficial. You are not alone if you’re getting overwhelmed by the circumstances. You might choose to work with a career counselor in this regard.

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