Springboard is a Google attempt to help enterprises

Springboard is a Google attempt to help enterprises

Google has long been trying to assist enterprises in performing searches within a specified time frame. With Springboard around, they seem to have moved a step further.

Posted:Jun 29,2016

Google is all set to make things easier and quicker for professionals by fulfilling their needs at a time when the average enterprise gains access to an increasing volume of information. Springboard is a unique search engine launched by Google for the sole purpose of helping enterprise users. This search engine is backed by advanced machine intelligence.

The new Springboard cloud services enable enterprise users to perform searches through all information stored within Google Apps like Calendar, Docs, Contacts, Drive and Gmail. It even provides information and suggestions to be utilized proactively.

Springboard has already been tested with a few customers of Google. An advance adopter program is now being used to offer it to more number of users. Users are soon to experience a similar program for the updated Google Sites tool. It allows them to develop web pages and get their information across to others that are a part of the same enterprise.

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