Simple steps to succeed in a telephonic interview

Simple steps to succeed in a telephonic interview

Posted:Jul 05,2016

Telephonic interviews may turn successful when you follow a few simple rules. Job hunting shows you through a few important phases and proves important for you to edge past all challenges.

The ground rules for attending a phone interview are as follows:

1. Your cover letter must possess your contact information in a detailed and accurate manner, so that the interviewers find it easier to get in touch with you.

2. Your voicemail and answering machine must not possess irrelevant messages while in a job-hunting mode.

3. When it comes to job searching, the significance of telephonic messages must be understood by your household members.

4. Make sure, you’re aware of the job that you’re about to be interviewed for.

5. Attend a mock interview with any of your friend if possible. Trying it in advance will certainly add more to your confidence level.

6. While you’re attending telephonic rounds, you ought to be able to concentrate, read and take notes.

7. You’ll need to be prepared mentally. Get a telephonic round scheduled at your preferred time.

8. A telephonic interview log could be of great help to you.

9. Make a note of all the main points so that you don’t forget to address any of them. You’ll remember all of your accomplishments if you place a copy of your resume in front of you.

You’ll need to make sure that the interview can hear you clearly and that you can hear him too. It might be in your best interest to stand while attending the interview. According to some of the industry experts, an individual sounds professional while standing instead of when he’s sitting.

A phone interview requires you to dress up nicely. You must project a professional image although the interviewer won’t be able to see you in person. Get yourself dressed professionally in order to get that professional feel within. 

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