Techniques that leave an impact on IT hiring

Techniques that leave an impact on IT hiring

A number of IT employers are resorting to blind hiring techniques of late. You must consider the pros and cons before trying these techniques.

Posted:Jul 08,2016

IT companies need to maintain the diversity of their workforce besides following an unbiased hiring process under all circumstances. Some of them would even hire IT candidates by trying out blind hiring techniques that keep discrimination at bay.

According to a number of industry experts, the effect of cultural match leaves more impact on the hiring process than blind hiring. Choosing IT candidates with an identical demographic background helps both hiring managers and recruiters all over. Job performances can’t be guaranteed by your employees’ association with big names.

New hiring techniques involve the following actions:

  • You may remove a few identifying information while assessing candidates. Excluding the requirement of a candidate, his educational background and name from his resume and application.
  • Calling the best performers for interviews after evaluating them on the basis of their project samples and skill sets.
  • Utilizing the latest technologies of voice-masking and chat rooms for conducting anonymous interviews.

Talent acquisition experts seem to be affected by the fact that the blind hiring practices restrict the ability of recruiters in determining cultural match through personal interactions. An employer also gets interviewed by a candidate during the course of an IT interview, which is a mutual process. According to acquisition experts, voice calling or online chatting enables a rookie to interact in the guise of an IT expert. That’s probably the reason, why a jobseeker even finds it tough to portray his knowledge and efficiency.

A hiring process tends to skip the true worth of emotional intelligence while following these blind methods. A crucial point is missed by employers when they count upon factors like aptitude and experience only. Hiring the most experienced IT workers won’t solve your hiring challenges till the time you ignore the human aspect. To make things work, you’ll need to make sure that your IT employees are indeed working as a team.

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