Queries to help resolve your basic job search issues

Queries to help resolve your basic job search issues

IT jobseekers often need to introspect in order to know the actual reasons behind their failures. Finding out answers to a few questions can help you resolve such issues.

Posted:Jul 12,2016

In an attempt to find a new job, you must identify facts that influence your search activities. You must identify a few factors that can actually help you diagnose your current professional requirements. It might seem more productive for you to meet similar other professionals besides applying for IT jobs and posting resumes across a few notable IT job portals. You may as well try to narrow down your searches by sharing queries that come to your mind.

1. How many IT jobs have you applied during the last 30 days? 

Employers are more likely to hire referred candidates. You may consider acquiring information on an upcoming interview by getting in touch with an insider or by following up the HR department. You might experience a few problems concerning your cover letter and resume in case you’re not being contacted by your preferred companies. You may ask a few known faces to provide you with feedback as you find time to revamp such materials.

2.  How many IT professionals did you get in touch with? 

You may acquire quality advice and information besides extending your professional network by reaching out to other professionals purposefully. Once you’ve done it, you must save your connections at LinkedIn and send a note of thanks while following up with them. Make sure you don’t waste your time in reaching them out as it provides more value to your network.

3. How many times have you submitted your resume with third-party recruiters? 

External recruiters are preferred by a few employers. While some of these third party recruiters are experienced in filling open IT positions quickly, others are not. That’s one reason why you can’t expect all of these third party recruiters to find a suitable job in IT. Once you submit your resume with one of them, it’s very important for you to follow it up with them.

4. How many interviews have you attended since the beginning of your job search? 

You may have attended a number of interviews in person. How many of these employers have called you for a second round? In today’s world, you can’t just expect all of these interviews to result into jobs.

You may consider investing more time towards improving your interview skills if you don’t receive call backs from your prospective employers. It often makes some difference when you practice answering interview questions with a colleague or friend.

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