Background screening of candidates is important for all employers

Background screening of candidates is important for all employers

Running an employee background check is absolutely necessary for any IT employer. You must know which records to go for while checking an employee background.

Posted:Jul 13,2016

In your attempt to hire fresh IT resources, you must check out all public records that are available. You’re bound to come across a few job boards that do a proper screening before scheduling an interview.

Background screening for your open IT positions include the following reports:

1. Credit Reports:  

The financial responsibility of a prospective employee has to be determined by you before providing a job opportunity. You may remain FCRA compliant and hire an IT professional after checking his credit report; remember that it’s not possible for anyone to run the credit report automatically. While making your hiring decision, you may seek assistance from your staffing specialist.

2. National Criminal Database Report: 

Records from the Dept. of Corrections, sexual offender registry and criminal conviction are acquired for creating the National Criminal Database Report. This report helps in checking if any of the US records is matching with that of the job applicant.

3. Applicant Verification Report: 

Your IT job applicant can provide you with his Social Security Number, birth date, address and name. Potential fraud can be identified while drawing the applicant verification report if the information is accurate.

4. Nationwide Court Search: 

A jobseeker’s records pertaining to the federal court, state and county help you gain access to his criminal histories. You may gain access to such records with the help of this search. In order to access the latest information and convey it electronically, some experienced court researchers are sent to more than 3,000 courts in the US.

5. Motor Vehicle Driving Record: 

You may acquire more knowledge on the license status and driving records of a jobseeker by going through his MVR report. This report lets you gain instant access to such information.

Once you get a vivid background picture of a jobseeker, it will certainly be a lot easier for you to draw the line. Don’t forget that an honest and responsible individual can actually contribute towards your IT processes effectively.

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