Guide to Jobseeker Reputation Management

Guide to Jobseeker Reputation Management

A jobseeker has to manage his reputation across various social media platforms. Irrelevant or defamatory information might affect his chances with most employers.

Posted:Jul 14,2016

Professional information that you share online leaves a great impact on the judgments of prospective employers. You’ll want to prove yourself as a skilled, competent and dedicated individual who bears integrity. Your online presence will help you improve your impression on the minds of others.

At the same time, you’ll need to establish a credible and authentic image professionally. When it comes to job searches, your online presence can be improved considerably if your professional information depicts a positive image.

Try out a few of the following techniques to improve your online reputation:

1.  Keep an eye on your online presence. Check your presence across Google, Bing and other major search engines. Make sure you’re searching for information against your name as it appears in your resume. Also try searching for information against your email address. Email notifications can also be sent to you when new information gets posted against your name once you set up an alert in advance. 

2.  Don’t let your personal information be turned public. Your profiles across social networks must allow you to secure your privacy settings. Check your professional information that is shown to a prospective employer.  Information that seems unprofessional should either be removed or restricted to visitors. Make sure you don’t post controversial content online.

3.  Remove defamatory information.  Whenever you come across any piece of irrelevant information online, get it removed immediately. Sending a firm letter to the webmaster might do the job depending on the intent and source. Posting that’s both defamatory and false might tarnish your image.

You may begin competing with search outcomes that seem unflattering. You may start maintaining social media profiles, a personal website or a blog. Career coaches suggest posting personal information in these platforms. Much of your qualifications, achievements and aspirations can be showcased with the help of forums. You must keep these platforms updated by posting more frequently and inviting public comments.

It’s in your interest to remove false information from websites that depict professional information. You must checkout the membership conditions and charges prior to enrolling with any social networking website. 

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