6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Application

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Application

An IT jobseeker often commits a few mistakes while applying for an open position. You'll need to be careful about such mistakes prior to submitting your resume with an employer.

Posted:Jul 15,2016

Most of the IT employers have come across a number of mistakes in job applications. In case you’re really interested in landing with your dream job, you must try and avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes that you often commit while applying for IT jobs are:

1)  The job application process will differ between employers that follow different processes on how they ought to fill out their open IT positions.

2)  Complying with a predefined process seems to be the first test for a jobseeker. You must provide both the cover letter and resume if you’ve been asked to do it. It means you can fulfill a particular selection criterion mentioned in your cover letter when you’re asked to. This is one step wherein the candidates fail more often although it seems to be a basic step.

3)  Address any application to the wrong person. By paying more attention you may certainly avoid such mistakes.

4)  Submitting your application for the wrong position. It mostly happens when a jobseeker sends out resumes to multiple employers without mentioning the right title for the required position.

5)  Mentioning the name of a wrong organization.

6)  Submitting your application for any role that you had applied for in the past.

A common mistake that’s often committed by candidates is applying for multiple positions with copies of a single resume. In doing so, the candidate reflects a complete lack of attention while submitting his job application. One of the key factors to determine whether your application will be read or not is your perception. 

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