Social media helps in shaping your IT career

Social media helps in shaping your IT career

Posted:Jul 21,2016

Your job search is bound to get boosted when you start using social media. Social media can provide you with the much needed edge by placing your name among leading IT job platforms.

Social media helps shape your IT career in the following ways:

Helping you gain expertise

Much of your credibility gets reflected in your blog as it demonstrates your knowledge in IT. While seeking IT jobs, potential IT candidates can exhibit their skills and knowledge over their dedicated IT blogs or websites. You can always write on a relevant subject or news event.

Proving you are tech savvy
                                                                                                                                                                                                    It’s not necessary for you to be an expert, but your reputation as an IT professional will certainly be improved once you prove your expertise in IT. Your IT resume can be used for creating a visual text file.

Helping you blog on IT opportunities

Your new job will get nearer as you start commenting on IT industry. For all IT jobseekers that are searching for fresh opportunities, blogs have proven to be a quality IT resource. Recruiters are more likely to check you out when you link back to your personal blog. Blogging about a few IT companies can actually provide you with considerable insight and show when to apply for jobs.

Checking out a company’s work culture

Social media can move either ways – you may acquire more knowledge on your prospective employers while conveying information to their hiring managers. You’ll gain considerable insight into their processes while following them over multiple social media platforms.

While checking out various IT interview opportunities, you can utilize their information to your advantage. Prior to attending an IT interview or before submitting your cover letter, you’ll be able to study their work culture. It will give you an edge when your interviewer connects with you at various levels. 

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