Know if the jobseeker is lying during an interview

Know if the jobseeker is lying during an interview

Posted:Jul 22,2016

When a resume doesn’t match up to the words spoken by a prospective jobseeker, it calls for questioning. An employee is more likely to share all truth while addressing the initial queries. The more challenging part comprises of portion that invites more reasoning.

This is where the hiring team needs to evaluate if the candidate is thinking in a different direction. He might just be worrying about the next set, touching his face, moving his legs, pausing or avoiding eye contact. A few visible signs are:

1. Conflicting Gestures

Our gestures are more inclined towards reflecting the truth than our pretentions. Our brain and body experience certain internal reactions that compel us to contradict our own words.

2. Avoiding Eye Contact

Jobseekers are mostly aware of the facts concerning lies. In order to lower their guilt, they tend to break eye contact. A liar often finds it difficult to maintain eye contact. Our brain needs more time to think while telling lies than while telling the truth.

3. Turning back

Liars are bound to shy away in their attempt to fabricate things. You’ll often find them swiping their cell phones or looking at other things under such circumstances. 

This is one good way of analyzing whether you believe in lies or rephrase your query. You should move on to a new question only when you’re satisfied.

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