Steps to identify good employees and retain them

Steps to identify good employees and retain them

Posted:Jul 25,2016

New ideas and progressive energy helps a company surge ahead with time. You may come across members of a generation that hasn’t used much of social media while growing up. Again you might also come across youngsters that are quite tech savvy but not worthy of mature workers that can contribute more towards the development of an organization. While choosing members of your training team, it becomes more important for you to identify their true potential.

Certain criteria have been set for enhancing job satisfaction depending on employee surveys:

 1. Benefits & Wages

  • Salary hikes keep the IT workers motivated.
  • Certain benefits may help compensate for a higher wage for IT workers.

2. Scope of improvement

  • Opportunities motivate an IT workforce.
  • Better prospects are created through healthy competition.

3. Reduced workloads

A number of companies are cutting down their workforce under an economic down turn. They must learn to manage workloads and make their employees feel less of burden through the different phases of development.

Advanced training modules need to be followed to enhance competency.

4. IT training and skills

Your employees are bound to feel loyal when you encourage them to acquire new skills.

5. Meaningful work

  • Multiple tasks can be completed by ensuring flexibility within your organization.
  • Feel as if you’re accomplishing something of great value.
  • Prioritizing tasks won’t ever let you feel bored.

You must call for autonomy on how your job is done. Your organizational goals may not be achieved in a better or faster way by micromanaging your workers. A task can often be accomplished in different ways.

You’ll need to appreciate and respect your employees under all circumstances. Your must recognize and praise jobs that have been achieved through challenges. It will certainly help in making your team members feel valuable and retaining them for long.

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