Open source talent is high on demand among employers

Open source talent is high on demand among employers

Open source professionals are getting more attention from industry leaders of late. That's one reason why they are enjoying salary hikes and non-monetary perks among other benefits.

Posted:Jul 26,2016

In an attempt to keep open source competition at bay, IT employers are checking certain methods to attract and hire fresh talent. Some of the latest industry surveys project a surge in terms of job incentives that are being offered by about 79 percent of the IT hiring teams. Flexible hours and telecommuting periods are also among other benefits that are offered to open source professionals besides hiking their salaries. While 43 percent of the hiring managers are known to have opted for other perks, salaries were levied up by about 44 percent. 

A few things have to be noted by the open source recruiters before hiring open source professionals. Alongside high salaries, interesting projects and other non-monetary gifts are offered to professionals that are working with technologies like Linux. A jobseeker is eager to know things that seem cool about his prospective employer besides the role that he is likely to play in his project.

There are a few good factors that drive open source professionals at work. While the prospect of interacting with the global community seems attractive to some of these professionals, others are drawn towards cutting-edge technologies and interesting projects.

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