Cloud adoption demands complete protection of data

Cloud adoption demands complete protection of data

Adopting cloud technology compels IT companies to experience certain risks concerning data breaches. They must ensure appropriate governance and follow some steps to ensure data protection.

Posted:Jul 27,2016

Some companies are resorting to advanced technologies for ensuring a complete protection of sensitive data.

For a majority of these companies cloud data security poses a serious challenge. Encryption only helps in protecting cloud applications bearing sensitive data.

In order to preserve customer information of a confidential nature, the basic security elements like passwords are now being protected by a majority of IT organizations.

The Ponemon Institute has conducted a Cloud data security study, which reflects some inappropriate data security measures that are now adopted by various IT organizations. IT security practitioners of different caliber have been surveyed in this regard. Besides ensuring proper governance, certain cryptographic solutions like tokenization or encryption have to be adopted by these companies.

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