Android developers find new life with Launchkit

Android developers find new life with Launchkit

Google has come up with a new set of tools for the android developers. It will help them track sales and other important things.

Posted:Jul 29,2016

A new set of tools known as Launckit has recently been acquired by Google to make sales tracking easier than ever before. This new set of tools will even help in developing an app-landing page besides rendering help in tracking reviews. Launchkit has been introduced by its co-founder in one of their latest blog posts.

Things built under Launchkit are supposed to be easily accessible as we lay stress in developing more efficient tools for our users. In order to help others in setting up their tools instance, we’ve allowed our services to be open-sourced. The official Launchkit service is bound to be used by our current users individually.

The Developer Product Group of Google will include Launchkit, which offers a number of services like Firebase and their cloud based platform. Google is yet to share the deal terms with its users.

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