Augmented reality is a big thing to come in tech

Augmented reality is a big thing to come in tech

Posted:Aug 01,2016

Reality has undergone considerable changes with time. The human universe has witnessed things like the floating information cards, photo-tapping of Google Glass and a number of other powerful technologies.

Reality has been augmented by a digital layer  created with immersive 3D displays, contact lenses and other types of eyewear that seem to have changed the fashion trend. User experience has been simplified by a wide variety of apps.

For about half a century, Augmented Reality has been in demand with the small companies as well as the university labs as it happens with other technologies that touch upon the mass market. The wearable revolution has taken the tech world by surprise. With the launch of a 3D virtual reality headset by Oculus Rift and various other products like the Google Glass, few new tech trends are now emerging in the market.

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