Ways to impress your interviewer and achieve success

Ways to impress your interviewer and achieve success

Impressing your interviewer has a lot to do about getting a job. By doing the right things at the right time, you can make him feel the difference.

Posted:Aug 03,2016

Impressing your interviewer in some areas often holds the key to your new job. Be firm while shaking your hand with the employer. Make sure you feel confident while doing this even if you’re not so comfortable with this idea.

Don’t extend a sweaty hand or add extra pumps, instead try out the following:

1. Wear formals: 

You may try and look stylish now that the sense of fashion is changing. Above all other things, you must look sensible, confident and comfortable. You may try wearing suits as they are always in fashion. You must also feel comfortable with the shoes that you wear. Try them at home before you wear them outside. Your interview outfit will naturally project your personality when you choose the right accessory.

2. Feel enthusiastic:

You must wear a positive attitude throughout the interview. You can’t miss out on the smallest opportunity. With a negative attitude you can only make things more complicated. Your pitch must reflect enthusiasm, especially when you’re asked to tell more about yourself, your hobbies and your achievements. 

3. Ask Questions: 

You must prepare for a few unexpected questions in advance. Doing a fair bit of homework can impress your interviewer. While answering these questions, you might actually give out a detailed account of your understanding of the job role. So, you’ll need to be a bit tactful while answering all questions. Take your time and don’t cause any interruption!

4. Have patience:

Don’t let the discussion go haywire. Don’t start discussing about money; the interviewer will bring it up once he offers a job. Don’t express your grudge about the last employer.

Put yourself on the shoes of your employer.  Remember that he is probably checking out numerous other candidates and you’re just one of them. Get something on his platter in order to leave a mark.

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