Points to be covered in a job acceptance letter

Points to be covered in a job acceptance letter

Sending a job acceptance letter to the employer conveys your acknowledgment of the job offer. It's in your interest to include a few key factors in your message.

Posted:Aug 12,2016

Sending a job acceptance letter is a good ploy after you’ve accepted an offer. You can send it via email or standard mail. Besides confirming the commencement of your employment, you’ll even need to thank all those you’ve met and highlight the details concerning your job.

Consider a few important elements to be included in an acceptance letter:

You must send your job acceptance letter in brief. Besides including the contact details, it’s important for you to address it to the HR person. You must highlight the details of your employment once you share your job opportunity with the future employer. All items that you’ve agreed upon should be included like that of your benefits and salary. Confirming the date of commencement is another important thing.

You should behave in a professional manner even when you have the job. You must look for typos and check the grammatical errors. Being an employee of the company, you’ll be leaving an impression on the basis of your correspondence.

The most important elements of your job acceptance letter are as follows:

  1. Your full Name
  2. Your Residential Address
  3. Your Contact Information
  4. Information about your Company Representative
  5. Title of the Company Representative
  6. Current Address of the Employer

You’ll need to mention the name of the new organization, name of the position and that you’re pleased get the new job offer. In the end, you’ll need to thank the HR person for providing you with a wonderful opportunity.

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