Questions that you usually face during an interview

Questions that you usually face during an interview

Posted:Aug 17,2016

Questions that you usually face during an interview

A certain pattern of questioning is followed by interviewers with the sole intent of screening people out of consideration. A majority of interviewers carry a preset questionnaire. A job seeker needs to write them and practice these responses in his attempt to prepare for such screening.

Here is a small list of questions that are shot at job seekers:

– Tell Us about Yourself

– Do you know anything about the company?

– Did you consult any specific resource to know about this position?

– How much are you drawing currently?

– How much worth of compensation are you looking for?

– What new responsibilities are you looking forward to?

– What are your major strengths?

– Have you identified your weaknesses?

– Do you have any specific questions in mind?

When it comes to influencing an interviewer, providing right answers to their questions might help you. It will even help you determine whether the company is right for you.

There are a few important questions that a jobseeker might ask an employer:

–What position are you considering me for?

–How much time will you need for this interview?

–Are there any specific areas that you wish to inquire about?

All of the aforementioned questions are meant to throw some light upon areas that are crucial for any job seeker. However, these questions hold considerable ground in IT and other tech fields.

Besides upgrading your knowledge on relevant IT skills, you must also prepare answers to these questions in order to leave a positive impression on your interviewer.

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