Microsoft to help you make a hologram viewer of your PC

Microsoft to help you make a hologram viewer of your PC

You can use your PC in more than one ways sooner than you expect. The coming year looks more promising for a large section of Windows 10 users.

Posted:Aug 18,2016

A mixed reality experience is likely to be developed with the launch of Windows Holographic. Microsoft has announced this with their assurance of a smoother Windows 10 experience on PC. You’ll need to acquire the latest Microsoft hololens headset and the advanced Windows 10 version if you wish to check holograms on your Windows based PC. Upon arrival of this new functionality, you’ll be able to utilize it for multitasking and extending your ability of rotating 3D models. All that you need are a Bluetooth mouse support and the advanced technicalities of hololens. It will even match up to Intel NUC chips.

By 2017, users can expect a Windows 10 update to lay the foundation of holographic. It has recently been announced by the Executive Vice President of Microsoft. The company is really attempting to make things smoother and faster for their users. 

Alongside laptops and PCs, the Windows holographic platform is set yield considerable support for the VR headset project of Intel in collaboration with the latter. It will even make good use of some embedded iris graphics for the Intel NUCs.  

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