Google hired veterans to work on their latest OS project

Google hired veterans to work on their latest OS project

Launching a new mainstream OS like that of Android and iOS has always invited challenges for the makers. Google's upcoming platform fuchsia is yet to be checked by the smart-phone users.

Posted:Aug 19,2016

New OS system launches have drawn more attention from smart-phone users than any other technical upgrades of late. In the recent past, we had experienced a stiff competition between Mac and Windows; then we had one between android and iOS. Now, we have another one posed by Fuchsia. This might just be the beginning of another battle between different software platforms, although we aren’t aware of Google’s opponent yet.

All of the modern PCs and smart devices will be able to make the most of this new OS. While a majority of these devices is still relying on Chrome and android OS, Fuchsia is likely to hold ground on its own merit.

Launching a mainstream operating system invites a lot of challenges initially. Google is among very few companies that had actually succeeded in launching their mainstream OS without hiccups. Senior developers associated with the BeOS and other leading OS projects have been included in the Fuchsia team. Consumers can now sense a few impressive benefits coming their way as they did during the developmental phase of iOS. The areas of opportunity shown by the current OS platforms in terms of responsiveness and security can now be exploited by a more powerful platform.

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