Career Management – Stick to the basics

Career Management – Stick to the basics

Career management involves a number of challenges through different phases. You may avoid all hassles by following a few important steps.

Posted:Aug 24,2016

You may have switched jobs that you found effortlessly. In that case, you didn’t need to prepare yourself for a job search, spend time searching online or experience stress. You may now be wondering how much safe your job is.

Career management tips that can help you:

1. Online Networking 

Are you a part of any social network? Apart from a few notable sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, you may not use social networks except while accepting invitations or acquiring new connections. Did you ever utilize a social network for acquiring information pertaining to job opportunities? Grade yourself an “A” if you’ve been actively participating in any of these professional networks.

2. Personal Branding 

Are you really searchable in Google? Find this out by searching your name in Google. Do you see anything mentioning your name appearing in the SERPs? Do you see any positive remark describing you as a professional? If you see your name in the front page, mark yourself as “A”.

3. Traditional Networking

You might not feel comfortable in reaching out to all in your list of contacts in case you get laid off today. You may have stored names worth hundreds in your Outlook contact list, but you may feel a bit awkward while contacting all of them when the need be. It all depends on how much of nurturing you’ve done with these relationships. You’ll acquire an A+ grade when people exhibit a positive mindset regarding your matters. It really helps when most members of your community spread positive vibes about you.

4. Current Resume

You may have advised others on updating their resume on more than one occasion. Have you updated your resume with your latest skills and experiences? If you’ve done so, you won’t need to acquire the official descriptions for your degrees and titles by calling up universities and previous employers. A master resume can help save you from employment hassles.

5. Current Education

A job search has improved a lot during the past few years. Have you gone through any networking or career books in the recent times? It will be of great help if you may follow a few networking or career websites. Develop this habit of checking blogs regularly and incorporate new ideas in your career management attempts. 

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