Android Nougat comes with multiple developer resources

Android Nougat comes with multiple developer resources

Posted:Aug 25,2016

A successful launch of Android Nougat has much to do with the appreciation from fans around the globe. At the same time, you mustn’t forget the contributions made by their dedicated team of developers. Android Nougat comes with 250 main feature, which marked by the Android VR mode. The development team has explored various android stack levels for Nougat. This includes how sensor data is being read by the OS to how pixels are provided to the display. The OS is thoroughly designed to ensure improved VR experience for smart-phone users. 

The latest features of Nougat have what it takes to improve the Android platform and add more to its security and productivity. It acquires less storage, accelerates installation of apps and enhances software performance with the help of its new AOT compiler. In order to enhance performance, it supports a cross-platform API bearing a low-overhead known as Vulkan.

The Android N team has spent considerable time towards extending 3-D graphic image support across multiple windows. The android platform ensures sound private data protection through multiple encryption and security layers. Nougat takes it a step ahead with advanced features like Direct Boot, seamless updates and encryption based on files.

A few online resources supporting Nougat developer requirements have been published in the recent times. These resources show you the nature of new app features and the changes that they commit. Developers are bound to learn a thing or two as they explore all of the Nougat features while consulting these resources. 

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