Acer’s convertible Chromebook R13 has been built for Android apps

Acer’s convertible Chromebook R13 has been built for Android apps

Posted:Sep 02,2016

Many of us have been wondering when to get a chance of running Android software on Chrome OS. Acer is giving us the much-needed chance to explore the benefits of a 2-in-1 device. With the new Chromebook R13 what you may look forward to is a 1080p touch-screen that covers some 13.3 inches. You can run it on all devices.

The android developers have been urged by Google to back the Chrome OS, which would be introduced during the fall. Acer is one of the first-of- its-kind device makers that are coming up with such a quality laptop-tablet hybrid option for their target audience.

All that the buyers would like to check while buying this cool deal are the specs of this new device. The new R13 come to you with a 4GB internal memory in varieties of 64GB, 32GB and 16GB, which is backed by a powerful battery that continues till 12 hours. Alongside its USB-C support, it even packs a quad-core processor from Mediatek. The new product will be up for launch by the end of 2016 as per Google’s plan of a roll out backing Android apps on Chrome OS.

The new system has customized well to suit all of your latest needs. The first look gives us an impression that the device holds the key to both futuristic business and personal needs.

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