Resume changes to catch the attention of your hiring manager

Resume changes to catch the attention of your hiring manager

Posted:Sep 05,2016

A hiring manager looks for a little more than hard skills, training scores and technical background when he’s reviewing your job application. What he wants to make sure is that you won’t be left alone amid a large number of computer tools whenever you choose to get things done easily and quickly. It’s much necessary for you to turn tech-savvy regardless of your area of tech expertise.

Consider the following reasons to get your resume hacked: 

1. Place Hyperlinks 

The job market today requires candidates to develop a strong web presence alongside possessing specific skill sets. Softcopies of your resume must show hyperlinks to make it easier for the interviewer to visit your social profiles and gather more information on your past work.

2. List Appropriate Tech Skills 

Your resume must show your technical skills besides your ability to communicate things fluently. Create a separate section for your skills. You may create a relevant skills section for placing these skills. Your objective is to prove your computer literacy and the fact that you may adapt to fresh resources.

3. Share the tech experience details

Merely by possessing any tech exposure, you can’t hope your resume to be checked due to the presence of few tech company names. Your efforts must be directed towards drawing more attention from hiring professionals from the very beginning. Mention the job title if you’ve been working as a front-end developer or website developer. You may highlight your skill sets through different sections of your resume.

You may not have touched upon any technical responsibility in spite of being a part of the IT industry for years. Under such circumstances, you’ll need to present your work experience in details. By counting upon your credentials and the timeline, a recruiter will be able to judge you in terms of efficiency and accessibility.

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