Following up with IT interviewers require you to remember certain things

Following up with IT interviewers is really important for all jobseekers, yet it often embarasses them.

Posted: Sep 09,2016

You may have attended a few informational interviews and yet you aren’t aware of certain things that can actually help you in your job search. You may simply be wondering as to when you should start following up with all prospective employers.

There are times when you feel the urge to follow-up immediately after attending an interview. It might just take you up to 48 hours to express gratitude towards your interviewer as you recap the entire discussion and end on a pleasant note. You might choose to send an email to them requesting them to keep you in the loop. 

Rendering help is one of the main objectives of an IT information interview. This way, you’ll certainly find a reason to follow up on things that were promised to you earlier. During the course of an interview, you may have acquired an idea to develop an outreach campaign for the organization. You’re also bound to prove more approachable to your interviewer by following through. Even after completing your follow-up process if you don’t experience any response, then you might consider sending a soft reminder after about 2 weeks time. You may even consider seeking assistance about other career search options that they might come up with.

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