Nexus developers are set to find a replacement

Nexus developers are set to find a replacement

Nexus developers are working day and night towards finding a replacement for their flagship product range. The latest features and the new branding policies will help them identify with the USPs.

Posted:Sep 12,2016

A large section of Nexus users is indeed waiting for the next Google update on smartphones named as Marlin and Sailfish. This year, the company will refrain from releasing any new Nexus models. The flagship Nexus products might just find a new name very soon. 

The upcoming smart devices from Google are expected to shed off their Nexus branding as per reports conveyed by Android Central. The development team is gradually deviating from one of their much-talked USPs by opting out of stock android OS.

A segment of the development team is working towards identifying new USPs with the upcoming models.
Chances are more that these upcoming products will highlight the Google branding both at the front and hind. Both the Sailfish and Marlin versions are likely to carry a ‘G’ logo at the back. 



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