Hadoop Can Fasten Your Growth in IT

Hadoop Can Fasten Your Growth in IT

Posted:Oct 04,2016

We, all desire for fast employment in IT with a good package and rapid career growth. Especially, in engineering a large number of pass outs each year indirectly proves to be a hindrance in getting fast employment in IT. When the competition is too high, the situation demands you to be extraordinary. You should always update yourself with latest technologies. So, if you want to be ahead of your competitors, choose your career in Hadoop.

With each passing time, the amount of data is increasing at a vast rate and the scopes in data management are growing day-by-day. In the wave of 2016 market, Hadoop has grabbed the entire IT market of big data management—an Apache open source, Java-based framework that licenses to store and process big data in a distributed environment across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is an undeniable fact that Hadoop has played a significant role in reducing costs for saving big data and it also holds computing power, fault tolerance, flexibility, and scalability. Nowadays, most of the IT companies have started implementing Hadoop for data processing.

You may wonder how Hadoop can provide you with a better IT career. But you shouldn’t forget that if you learn Hadoop along with Java, it will be so easy for you to handle data. So, train yourself with Hadoop to get a profitable career in IT. There exists various opportunities in Hadoop career: Hadoop developer, Hadoop architect, Hadoop tester, Hadoop administrator, data scientist, etc.

·         A Hadoop developer requires detailed knowledge of both Java and Hadoop framework.

·         A Hadoop architect technically addresses Big Data problems and requirements.

·         A Hadoop tester’s role is to troubleshoot and find bugs in Hadoop applications.

·         A Hadoop administrator handles maintenance, back-up, recovery, and the setting-up of Hadoop clusters.

·         A data scientist acquires knowledge of R programming, Python, Spark, and so on.


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