US Managed the Vulnerabilities of Cyber Security

US Managed the Vulnerabilities of Cyber Security

US survived ransomware attack.

Posted:May 18,2017

The necessity of cyber security has become an emerging trend in every sector. With the growing demand for technology, organizations are trying to deploy effective security measures in every business aspect. Today, most of the official works are dependent on the technological platform and data privacy is the most vulnerable issue in the entire business market. The unfortunate incident of Friday once again manifested that organizations need to strengthen their data security measures from all aspects. In this present era, data is the costliest thing for every organization. Therefore, it needs to be protected from the online intruders. The ransomware attack has created a severe impact globally and it will generate negative ratios for several multinational firms. This malware was not active for a long time, though it managed to replicate from one unprotected network domain to another. Along with that, geographic location and network topology played the vital part in this matter. However, the people of US managed to avoid this turmoil situation. In a conversation with USATODAY, cyber security experts told that different reasons are liable for overcoming this situation. First of all, geographical location of US played a big role to save them from the severity of this attack. In addition, frequent software updates helped their security system. Last but not the least they were lucky enough to prohibit this cyber attack. Analysts are saying that ransomware has managed to take all important information from different countries and the hackers have stored it in an encrypted format. After this incident, they are demanding approximately 300 dollars for unlocking every user’s data. It is creating an obstacle to access personal data in a normal way. According to an expert security analyst Sean Dillon, US has given more effort on their cyber security system and this helped them to prohibit the severity of this attack.

The ransomware attack is creating problems in the cyber security domain since 2005. This WannaCry ransomware attack was more vulnerable for the internet users. It can destroy the user’s system through any advertisement link or email attachment. Therefore, experts are saying that unpatched version of the operating system and OS like Windows XP could be more vulnerable to this attack. Moreover, people need to use the original version of the operating system and they need to upgrade the system from time to time. In addition, proper antivirus installation is needed in every system.


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